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This is a compilation of everything I want my home to look like... but probably won't. Mostly because our walls aren't white and I'm broke. Haha. We moved into our new home in October, and our home needs so much work! Work that our landlord approved me to do, but with a 9-5, freelancing, hobbies, and two guys I like to cuddle in my free time (relax, Pierre is one of those guys) it's just taking so damn long. I don't want to officially put a room together if the walls need to be spackled and painted, so for now, all I can do is gather inspiration for the day I finally fix the walls and strike it rich.  


This living room is by far one of the most realistic and beautiful ones I've seen. Jon Paul really likes it too! It looks lived in and cozy, not just curated for Pinterest.  

image from here.


Gimme, gimme velvet errthang! That couch is meant to be mine for two reasons 1) mustard is my favorite color 2) you wouldn't be able to see a layer of Pierre's hair covering the entire thing! 

image from here.


I just want a cozy, functional kitchen... is that too much to ask? Our kitchen now is big, but it's set up really awkwardly and it has a nasty  linoleum floor that hasn't been updated in about a decade. It's got permanent stains and it's cracking. You want to know the most frustrating part?? It's got healthy, beautiful woodflooring underneath!! Like, why? 

image from here.


Okay, so having plants take over your entire kitchen is not realistic, but look at this place! Small, cozy, and functional. Pretty sweet. 

image from here.


What I like about this is how much I can see doing this in a future home. That's IKEA shelving right there, and it looks so good and natural, and my fave part: organized! 

image from here. 


Our bathroom is another room in our home I just can't see being satisfied with. Those cursed linoleum floors are also in this room, its tiny, crooked, and has PLASTIC walls, really! So it's not like you can give it a quick fix with paint. It does however have a beautiful vintage bathtub like the one pictured above (but white!) 

image from here.


Look, how clean, crisp, and white! Something my bathroom will never be... 

image from here.


Again with the unrealistic amount of plants. 

image from here. 


A beautiful airy bedroom. Jon Paul and I would never feel comfortable with things above our bed. We're from California, you never know when the big one is gonna hit (or even a little earthquake). Would rather not go because a terra cotta planter fell on my head.   

image from here.


Again, another earthquake hazard, but again, another cozy room.  

image from here.


Just replace that pup with Pierre and I'm all set to get settled here.  

image from here.


I hope you get a little inspiration from this and possible gift ideas you can mail to me! (please take note of mustard yellow velvet sofa). I kid! I'll be very excited to share silly, non-professional room tours once I feel that a room is complete.  

It's hard to complete a room for me, because i just don't want to buy crap. I want everything that is "decor" to be a knick-knack that has meaning, that was a gift, that was bought on a special trip, a great score at the thrift store, etc. So it takes a looooong time to collect things that I want to make a part of my home, you know? Welp, stay tuned and maybe in 10 years my dream home will be ready. 

xx, Claudia