My Wardrobe: Thrifted + Flea Market Pieces

This is a fun little thing I've been wanting to do for a while! I love seeing what other people scored at the thrift store and I'm a proud "thanks! I got this at the thrift store!" person when someone compliments an outfit or piece I'm wearing, so I wanted to compile all the pieces I own and show 'em off! 

The rush of scoring a good piece at the thrift store/flea market is so much more rewarding than finding something in a conventional store or boutique. You feel like you found a piece of gold in a pile of junk. You found something unique and you're paying a fraction of the price than what it was originally sold for! Anyway, you get the concept of thrift buying, blah blah, old news. Here we goooooo! (Feel free to skip my commentary and just browse).


An embroidered, light cotton shirt. I love Mexican embroidery, but this is a style I've never seen before! Dutch? And a high waisted corduroy skirt with pockets!! 


A light and warm cashmere tank top. A thick wool high waisted skirt in amazing Fall colors (this one my friend Shayna found for me when we were shopping together! This is a thrifting with your BFF rule, you can't only be looking for yourself, you have to keep an eye out for something that looks like their style and size, and not be butt hurt if they don't like it!) And finally, these amazing booties! They are suede, have wooden soles, and amazing detail... $9!!! 

A thick, sweater poncho with wooden buttons at the sleeves. This scarf I usually have tied around whatever purse I'm using. 


My love for Mexican embroidery has fed by flea markets! The shirt and dress I got in Mexico at flea markets, different times. And that amazing bag, thank you Salvation Army! It's a nice travel size bag. 


This is a very soft American Apparel t-shirt. I've been using it to paint my house in because I want to get some cool paint stains on it... but damn it, I'm such a good painter that I've barely made any marks ;) jk. But really, I'm getting stains on everything BUT the shirt. And this bandana... okay, I cheated. I found this in a box of my dad's clothes and I love it so much that I wanted to sneak it in here. 


A very cute and loose crocheted beret. This picture doesn't do the color justice though. It's a blushy-terra cotta color. This shirt is def vintage. I love it with high waisted jean skirts. 

All my dark clothes in one shot. A dark brown UNIQLO wool cardigan, a few blouses, a high waisted skirt I love in a unique shape and pattern, and a vintage hat I've had for years!


I love the fit of this dress. And I know these belts will come back in style, so I'm patiently waiting. 


A nice H&M blouse and a vintage silk scarf I use mostly as a head wrap. It makes boring outfits fun. 


One of my favorite hats I own, it's like a thick wool-y material. I got this about 2.5 years ago and since then they have really come back into style, so I am taking major advantage! A midi thick cotton t-shirt and a high waisted jersey material plain black skirt (wearing it as I type this). 


A chambray blouse and a vintage silk scarf which I also use mostly as a head wrap. Chambray always catches my attention when I'm browsing aisles. 


This blouse is light and airy and reminds me of something I'd find at Anthropologie, no? And a simple AA nude under shirt. $1, baby. 


A nice clutch. The material is like a very thick curtain-like material. I like this one piece, but putting too many pieces that look like this together can look too thrift store-y. This is a nice with an all black outfit or something. Fits all the essentials - phone, keys, wallet, chapstick. 


I love gingham print, but this shirt especially because of the material. It's two layers of very, very soft cotton. It's such a comfy shirt, and look great with jeans and booties. 


A thick midi sweater that looks very Madewell. This is such a nice sized scarf for tying around your neck to add flair to a "meh" outfit. 


More chambray! 

And finally, jewelry. I don't wear jewelry much, so I have a modest collection. That small wallet is amazing! The colors are so pleasant, it's intricately beaded and has a soft peach satin lining. 

Welp, there it is! Doing this actually helped me build more outfits for future use. You know when you spend 20 extra minutes in bed "picking an outfit in your head"? Well, that never happens and I just sleep, so I think what I'm going to start doing (which I used to do, but got lazy recently) is laying my outfits out before I go to bed. Gives you extra time in the morning, but also allows you to pick some creative looks which you don't really get to do when you're in a hurry in the morning, you know?  If you're in the Boston area and have any good thrift recommendations I'd love to hear them! Currently looking for home decor...

xx, Claudia  

IMG_7855 (1).JPG

Ohh p.s. THIS knit brown cape I wear with pretty much every nice going out outfit. (skirt from Anthro and top from Free People) aaaaaaand:


p.s.s. THIS COAT! I would be satisfied if every minute I've ever spent in a thrift store lead me to just this coat. It goes with everything I wear, fits me perfectly and it's as warm as these kinds of coats can be. They can also be pretty expensive and I was not in the market to buy a coat when I found this, so you can imagine how excited I was! I've officially switched over to my poofy, unattractive Michellin Man coat for the Winter because it's much warmer.