Petites Choses

  *pronounced "peh-tee shoz," means "little things" in French



Howdy! I'm here to check in since my last post and let you know we're alive, enthusiastic, and safe. We are currently in an Airbnb on Tremont right next to Boston Commons (smack dab in the middle of the city, next to Boston's version of Central Park in case you're not familiar) which is perfect because while my bestie Shayna is here visiting, she doesn't have to commute into the city and she can just hang! 

I won't lie though, the move has been stressful and veryinconvenient... for all of us, maybe Pierre the most. He's used to his home, and he hasn't been sleeping well (or letting us sleep well) and we've moved three times and it looks like we may have to move again before we can finally go home. Being in these homes makes me feel really thankful for our home.

Anyway, I'm here to share some little things from the past few weeks: 

one; a part of the flower selection I used for the Mommy Bites Boston event.

two; I love my new patches from Over It Studio. They are so relevant, and I love her style!! It's very different from what I tend to like, but I don't see how someone can't love her, right?

three; beautiful cotton candy sunset, the first one of its kind I've seen since moving to Boston and I really appreciated it

four; a bucket full of pretty! 

five; sleeping pals! He actually migrates towards Jon Paul when we sleep *annoyed face emoji*

six; anemone on its last day

seven; the first day I unpacked the H+F Market Bags

eight; andddd this is how they arrived from France

nine; that Amelie bag, sigh* 

ten; gloomy Boston views.  

Welp, that's all for now folks! Just arrived to NYC, drinking my first cup of NY joe and planning out my day with Shayna.

xx, Claudia