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I've been feeling very frustrated with my style lately and with what I'm wearing... It may be because I work in an office (at a University... in the engineering dept.), and although we don't really have a dress code, just an unspoken rule to not come to work half-naked, this is not a creative environment. It doesn't feel like the right place to experiment with style.

I have a board on Pinterest titled "Florist Uniform," and that's exactly where I picture myself wearing these outfits. As a florist with a shop *sigh* but now that that's over, I need to find a style that fits my new life. These are all the parts of my taste that are in a constant battle:




I love this look! I love this feel. It's a very grown up version of someone with young taste (hi!).

image from here


Denim on denim on denim FOREVER! And hats. I'm a hat person.

image from here

Just jeans and a bad ass jacket. Done. 

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I feel like in order to qualify as bohemian, you have to be a chill person. Like, internally chill and care free. I'm not that. I can't even smoke pot and chill out! (trust me, I've tried, very hard.) Anyway, not only does a bohemian style imply that you are a bohemian-like person, it also involves going bra-less (I can't do that. My nipples give me away) and the style is pretty sexy, which is also something I would be uncomfortable with. I hate feeling like people are looking at me, especially men. 

Anyway, I LOVE this style so much, and want to incorporate parts of it into my style, but I just can't go the whole way. 

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See? So fun. So carefree. So not me. 

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Such a pretty silhouette of a dress. 

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I've been such a sucker for high-waisted midi skirts since Jon Paul first introduced me to them. They are a really good fit for my height and body type and they come in so many different styles and colors. I love a feminine, flirty, not outwardly sexy style. 

image from here.


The cut, color, and material of this dress is insane. So is the styling! Such a pretty look!

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Feminine can also be a tee with a well fitting, fun skirt. I like this very much. I'm a fan. 

image from here



This new style I've seen coming into popularity lately is so freaking cool! It's like a combo between masculine (with the shape and fit of pants and jackets), feminine (with tops and silhouettes that show off skin or curves), and bohemian (with the styling, accessorizing, and layering). I called it professional chic because that's the vibe I get. Is there an official term for this new wave of impeccably dressed women? 

image from here

This, this is dope. I would never have thought to pair these things this way AND tuck in my light jacket, but damn. 

image from here


When I scrolled down past this picture, the jean and shoe combo made me stop and stare at this outfit for like 1 minute (and in internet time, that's like an hour). It's such a cool surprise, again something I never would have thought to do. 

image from here

That is what I like and I get continually frustrated that I don't look more like that. (This sounds so stupid and shallow, and I apologize. Just the fact that I care about this shit.) Self expression in the way of clothes is important to me and I feel so much better about myself and what I can accomplish if I feel like I look interesting and creative and like a boss bitch.  

So here it goes, I am giving myself homework. A 2 week challenge where I pick my clothes out the night before and the only criteria to the outfit is that I feel good about what I'm wearing. I feel so ugh when all I'm wearing are jeans, a nice blouse, and shoes. It's not fun. I want this to be fun. 

xx, Claudia